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Overview of FieldCircle’s Applicability and Benefits to Stakeholders

FieldCircle enables a company to smartly organize and manage their workforce. It helps achieve efficiency, automation and build connected and collaborative workforce. Given below are details about how FieldCircle enables different stakeholders to perform to their maximum capacity, accountability and with greater transparency.

Maintenance and Repair

In order to deliver Maintenance & Repair services, engineers are sent to different locations. Engineers are directed to provide service maintenance and repair work as requested by the customers on the basis of predefined workflow READ MORE

E-commerce Delivery and Logistics

The E-commerce delivery and logistics business provides a service to deliver a shipment from one location to another location. With our extensive field service delivery tracking management software solution to ecommerce and logistic companies, they can manage their customer service and delivery teams in a more organized and efficient way READ MORE

Banking and Financial Services

The banking and financial services include business loan, personal loans, saving accounts, salary accounts, demat accounts and credit & debit card services etc. The sales executive reach the enterprise or individual customers and sell banking and financial services at the customer location READ MORE

Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and Electrical businesses are designed to provide installation, maintenance and repair services such as plumbing, bathroom fittings, electrical wiring for home, water tank installation, kitchen sink repair, water motor installation, inverter repair, repairing switches, meters, and fuses etc READ MORE

Municipal Corporations

Municipal corporations are local governing bodies of city, town, village, or borough etc. with governmental powers. These corporations provide necessary community services related to education, healthcare, transport, maintenance etc. by collecting tax from the State Government READ MORE


Construction business provides individual, enterprise and industrial level construction services to the customers. This is a service that requires managing huge workforce and taking care of time and efforts while planning the project READ MORE


Cleaners provide cleaning services to homes, offices, buildings, equipments and tools etc. by visiting customer at service location. FieldCircle enables a company to smartly organize and manage their workforce READ MORE


Landscaping services are provided to commercial and residential customers in order to bring innovation to their landscaping in terms of design and installation, maintenance, irrigation, addressing erosion and drainage problems, hardscaping and lighting services etc READ MORE

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas industry is the giant industry that require various roles to work collaboratively throughout the workflow which include taking the business licence, following and be aware of the compliance and regulations, inspecting the sites, risk analysis, taking care of daily operational requirements, managing suppliers and contractors and other staff READ MORE


Our impressive work management software works exceptionally well for painters too. Our solutions make painters schedule, manage the work order as well as the customer along with managing the invoicing process seamless READ MORE


Tilers provide a bunch of services including tiling walls and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, and shower rooms by visiting customer at their location. With our mobile field service scheduling and work order management software for tiling companies, they can manage their service teams in a more organized and efficient way READ MORE


In the pharma industry, the sales representatives get the customers’ data from telesales persons and from other mediums to approach the physicians and the doctors as their prospective clients to offer their services READ MORE


Roofers service providers offer roof construction, giving multiple styles to roofs through various designs. Our solutions make roofers schedule the work, manage the work order and the customer queries along with making invoicing process seamless READ MORE


Inspectors of their own sites or client sites verify that the site should meet certain criteria to ensure that it is compliant and following necessary code and regulations. Site inspections can be done in various industries i.e. construction, legal, banking & finance, ecommerce etc READ MORE


In the telecommunication business, the majority of field work involves setting up telephone lines, internet connection and television broadcast. As per the work allocation, service engineers go to the required location to provide installation services READ MORE


HVAC businesses provide new system installation, maintenance, and repair work on a routine basis and in case of emergency it keep heating and air conditioning system functional to operate properly READ MORE

Insurance Assessors

Insurance companies assess customer’s claims by sending their representative either from their own staff or by hiring a subcontractors and these representative submit a report to the insurance company READ MORE

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