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A highly-configurable service and maintenance platform that helps your service operations become more efficient, transparent and profitable.

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workforce management software

that helps businesses with field operations become more transparent, efficient and profitable.

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FieldCircle Dashboard

Increase team efficiency and operations transparency

  • Define key goals, set priorities and track the progress of field activities in real-time.
  • Ensure effective utilization of reps’ time to increase visits and assure higher productivity.
  • Make data-driven decisions and have visibility and control over field operations.
FieldCircle Revenue Dashboard

Drive profitability and revenue to the next level

  • Keep your customer information in one place to implement upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Bring transparency in operations to identify patterns and red flags that directly affect your bottom line.
  • Increase visits with effective route planning and mapping and increase the chances of winning more projects.
Work Scheduling

Empower your team

  • Provide mobile-enabled information and effectively coordinate the activities on the go.
  • Reduce knowledge gaps, manage scheduling conflicts, streamline automated status alerts to increase efficiency.
  • Mitigate redundant tasks, improve time-to-completion and drive real-time collaboration.
Curtomer Retention

Take the customer experience to the next level

  • Engage customers and channel partners effectively to increase customer lifetime value.
  • Create a seamless buying experience and improve retention by 20-22% with customer/channel partner app.
  • Get purchase analytics & intelligence to interpret the past data, identify the purchase pattern and streamline the entire payment process.

Field operations management app
for all key stakeholders

FieldCircle Mobile Screenshot
  • Work on the go Perform and manage all kinds of field activities on the go, on-time in real-time.
  • Validated visibility Validated visibility- Geo-tagged, time-stamped inspections, and work orders with complete visibility of who worked where and on what.
  • Collaboration Remove dependencies with real-time collaboration, paperless approvals and e-sign off.
  • Offline support Get enhanced abilities to work in remote, low reception areas, save the data/ information locally and auto-syncs when reconnected to the network.

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