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About the Company

Nicco Engineering Services Limited (NSEL) provides specialty maintenance services to help companies in core engineering sectors to reduce asset downtime and run their plants more efficiently. It caters to diverse industrial sectors ranging from automobiles, cement, steel, and refineries to marine, oil & gas, and fertilizers. Through a network of 6 branches and 60 site offices, it serves notable organizations in public and private sectors such as Tata Steel, NTPC, Jindal Steel and Power, Indian Oil, and more.


While NSEL has been successfully collecting and using asset data to reduce asset downtime, they were keen on increasing the speed of action on the data. To accomplish the objective, they needed a better picture of the operations and improved capabilities to align resources with minimum manual interventions. Their initial challenges were:

  • 1
    Service requests spread across multiple systems

    Multiple systems were presenting a distorted view of the customer service journey. Lack of real-time visibility was a major hindrance to taking swift action on the service requests, resulting in long resolution time.

  • 2
    Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

    Resources were being shared within teams. While shared resources were not directly responsible for the maintenance planning and scheduling problems, it was adding to the complexity of resource allocation and utilization, making it a tedious and error-prone process.

  • 3
    Transparency and visibility

    There was significant room for more transparency and visibility in workforce activities to identify time spent on tasks, track performance patterns of individuals and teams, and improve on internal compliance and regulations.

  • 4
    Paper-based reporting

    Paper-based reporting methods were consuming a lot of time to share information with accounting teams and seek their validation and approval, resulting in delayed payments.

  • 5
    Spare Management and Allocation

    Spare management at 65 warehouses was time-intensive and vulnerable to manual errors and redundant activities. These challenges were affecting the operational agility of Nicco Engineering. The company partnered with FieldCircle to modernize their operations to improve speed, transparency, and visibility.

FieldCircle Implementation

FieldCircle formed a team of professionals with past experience in handling implementation for manufacturing services companies. The team analyzed the operational workflow and spoken and unspoken challenges to determine the modules most suitable for the requirement. Once finalized, the solution was implemented within 3 weeks with proper onboarding and support processes.

  • Manage entire service lifecycle on one platform for proactive service delivery

    From the stage of service request collection to checking team availability, work order creation and ticket resolution, NSEL can now manage the entire service lifecycle on one platform. Integrated work order management, scheduling and dispatch and inventory management provide end-to-end visualization of service journey and expedite the resolution.

  • Fast and Reliable Asset Tracking & Management

    Tracking business assets, their allocation and associated contracts is now seamless. Improved visibility into spare usage, quantity, location, and on-hand inventory to prevent counterfeit.

  • Real-time visibility and transparency

    Improved ability to collect real-time data to track and monitor operational activities at any given time, enabling teams to visualize ongoing events and take corrective action. Teams can keep track of actions of the past and present service requests on assets for increased transparency and accountability.

  • Documentation and reporting

    Record management is easier now with mobile-enabled capability to upload documents, photos and geotag for validation. Reports are both mobile and desktop accessible, and can be downloaded, as and when needed.

Business impact with FieldCircle

Customer happiness Reduced
Team productivity and Time saved on scheduling Reduced
Asset maintenance contract renewal Increased

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