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How TSI Power increased ticket response time by 35% and saved 330 hours/year in planning work

Renowned Power Solution Provider Implemented FieldCircle to Improve
Service Operations Agility and Transparency


About the Company

Tsi Power manufactures power protection, conversion, and backup products under the licensing & technology transfer agreement with TSi Power Corporation, USA. The company serves Asian, African, and the Middle East markets and to European OEMs with a range of power solutions that find applications in engineering process, hospitals, analytics & scientific labs, CNC robotics automations, building systems, surveillance & IT, and so on.

Tsi products are used by companies with high-end sensitive electronic equipment such as Honeywell, Hero, Otis, Piramal Glass, and Toyota. Along with a vast line of off-the-shelf and custom products, it offers 24X7 customer support, resolving any issue at the earliest to the satisfaction of customers.


Capturing service requests from multiple sources and keeping them in one place to visualize the complete service journey of customers was a major problem.

  • 1
    Service request management

    Capturing service requests from multiple sources and keeping them in one place to visualize the complete service journey of customers was a major problem.

  • 2
    Approvals on quotes

    Internal approvals of quotes created on service requests were managed through emails, which lacked automation to reject incomplete briefs and prevent overlooking of any stakeholder.

  • 3
    Spares inventory and allocation

    Spare management was rather simple than all-inclusive to give accurate information into usage, technician associated with the spare part, and stock updates for enhanced accountability.

  • 4
    Workforce utilization and scheduling

    Manual scheduling and dispatch management processes were complex and increasing inefficiencies. Current processes had many redundant activities that were increasing the time to schedule and also lacked tracking and monitoring capabilities.

  • 5
    Reports and Visibility

    No single source of truth. Critical data was scattered on multiple systems, offering a distorted vision of the operational components, including field service teams, inventory, productivity, and performance patterns.

Determined to overcome these challenges in their operations, Tsi Power decided to seek support in automation. They partnered with FieldCircle to modernize their service operations processes to improve agility, transparency, and service experience.

FieldCircle Implementation

Our team of product specialists and business analysts collaborated with the Nicco team to understand and document the workflow.
Based on the workflow, we configured and setup the system to achieve the following results:

The implementation resulted in:

  • Optimized service request process for improved service experience

    Enabled teams to capture service requests and delegate tasks efficiently with calendar based scheduling. Role based permissions for personnel to track the statuses anytime, anywhere, and initiate action on them to expedite resolution.

  • Streamlined and fast-tracked approval process

    Template-based quotes with automated format to capture all the critical information, cloud-based access system, and capability to send automated reminders to all the stakeholders implemented to speed up the approval process.

  • Efficient spare parts management with improved visibility

    Easy and accurate record-keeping of spare parts with equipment specifications to identify the equipment at the right time, track usage and check availability.

  • Real-time visibility and transparency

    Organizational data made available for managers to get real-time insight into fieldforce and operations, including job status, customer information, asset information, reminders and notification for improved visibility, transparency, and accurate reporting.

Business impact with FieldCircle

Response Time Reduced
Workforce Allocation Planning Time Decrease
Workforce Productivity Increased

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