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Field Service Scheduling Function

Empower Your Dispatch Team, Drive Automated Scheduling and Route Planning

Smart Scheduling</span >

Smart, Automated Scheduling

  • Modern scheduling calendar and dispatch board.
  • PM, Jobs, WO- Schedule and Dispatch from One Place.
  • Resource allocation based on real-time route planning & route optimization.
Estimates & Work Order Management

Estimates and Work Order Management

  • Easy leads, opportunities and customer management.
  • Quick estimates and work order creation with easy clicks and dropdown.
  • Paperless reporting and on-the-go data access for effective SLA fulfilment.
Invoices & Accounts Management

Invoices and Accounts Management

  • Quick invoicing and automated payment reminders.
  • Online payment and recording (single, split, electronic & credit card transfer).
  • Integration with third party tools – Quickbooks, Xero etc.
Services & Products Management

Services and Products Management

  • Quick invoicing and automated payment reminders.
  • Online payment and recording (single, split, electronic & credit card transfer).
  • Integration with third party tools – Quickbooks, Xero etc.
Employee & Role Management

Employee and Role Management

  • One secure place to manage and organize all employees, roles and hierarchy.
  • Easy timesheet and location based tracking; and attendance validation.
  • Employee work history and infographics for performance evaluation.
Actionable Business Reports

Actionable Business Reports

  • Smart reporting based on numerous factors.
  • Smart actions, on-the-go data enabling risks identification and quick response.
  • Smart Analytics, identify challenges, performance issues and improve efficiency via intelligent analytics.
Field Service Scheduling Function

Field Service Scheduling and Dispatch Platform

As a top-rated field service scheduling software and scheduling app, facilitating efficient route planning, route optimization, and auto technician scheduling and helping your team become more efficient and profitable.
Field Service Solution

Win Your Scheduling Game

Smartly schedule and track your on-the-move workforce by ensuring they reach the work-order location on time, with the right information and equipment, in minimum travel time to complete the job, resulting in lesser cost, reduced risk, along with effective reporting and invoicing.

Features that Drive Efficiency and Scale for You

Learn more about features and evaluate how they could help you achieve operational effectiveness and grow.


  • Managing leads and tracking all the communication with them.
  • Doing need analysis and value proposition to identify the opportunities.
  • Managing multiple contacts with a customer account.
  • Managing customer account with their business and contract documents.


  • Removing duplicates from the system by merging contacts.
  • Keeping an eye on the progress of lead conversion into opportunities.
  • Getting the valuation of each opportunity and analyze the same.
  • Managing all the relevant documents at one place.
  • Get timely notifications of expiration of business licences, certifications and contract documents.


  • Record query from the customer and action taken on it.
  • Manage quotations and their version history.


  • Keep track of the various versions of the revised quotations at a place.
  • Timely handling queries and reduce the response time.
  • Effective communication by tracking the communication and any specifications.


  • Manage multiple business branches/offices in the system.


  • Keep track of the employees business branch wise.
  • Help in job scheduling and managing attendance business branch wise.


  • Manage product, product categories and stocks.
  • Manage third party vendors i.e. supplier, distributors and manufacturers.
  • Manage purchase orders and sales orders.


  • Maintain the inventory at the centralized level.
  • Easily record deals, payments and contacts of the vendors at one place.
  • Help in keeping track of purchase and sales orders.


  • Manage, organize and control the jobs.


  • Manage the pricing associated with the work order.
  • Manage business hours associated with the work order.
  • Track job assignment of the work order.
  • Get Insights of work order progress.


  • Auto schedule jobs by assigning it to the staff automatically.
  • Time Management of the jobs and staff without conflicting schedule.
  • Monitor the availability of staff through scheduler location wise, date wise, designation wise and on the basis of absenteeism.
  • Monitor and control job schedule in real time.
  • Send annotations for announcement, business closed or no time off.


  • Easy to assign jobs with intuitive design.
  • Optimum utilization of resources i.e. staff, tools, equipments and time.
  • Save cost in managing staff in less time.
  • Easy way to track jobs through the system intelligence in real time.
  • Save staff member time by assigning jobs in the nearby location.
  • Save time by sending annotations to declare or announce something specifically to all the staff members in one go.


  • Raise and monitor issues arise during work order processing through ticketing system.


  • Raise and monitor issues arising against a customer individually.
  • Monitor issues as a whole and track occurrence frequency of the same.


  • Manage events which are the activities that includes meetings, seminars, conference calls, presentations and similar events.
  • Manage tasks which are the activities to be carried out by the assignee before due date and time i.e. sending mails, calling users.


  • Help in time management of daily activities.
  • Easily collaborate for team activities.
  • Help in planning and managing the activities together.


  • Manage and monitor staff timesheet.
  • Manage, monitor and control staff leaves.
  • Manage, organize and control work shifts.


  • Easily monitor the working hours of the by monitoring their working and break hours.
  • Plan and organize jobs considering the absenteeism.
  • Easily Plan and control the shift timings of the staff on the basis of work type.
  • Effective time management of the staff.


  • Manage and organize the employees.
  • Manage and control roles and designations.


  • Easily manage employees and their scheduling, jobs, attendance and access control.
  • Easily manage roles and designation and their access permissions.


  • Manage and send Invoices to customer.
  • Record payments against awaiting payment invoices.
  • Download the invoices in pdf format.


  • Effectively manage invoices against each customer and booking.
  • Generate invoices on site for customer.
  • Easily record payments for awaiting payments and update the invoice instantly.
  • Download the invoices in the pdf format and use it anywhere for records.


  • View and organize customized and extensive reports.
  • Export reports from the system.
  • Show summary and graphical representation of the data and information of each module.


  • Saves time and enhances communication through customized reports.
  • Automatically generate reports on the basis of real time data.
  • Use reports anywhere by easily exporting report data from the system.
  • Analyze the data and information with advanced analytics to make strategic decisions, growth plans and evaluating the current scenario.


  • Integration with third party tools i.e. accounting tools, call management tools, ERP, CRM, current system or any other tool or application.


  • Maintain data integrity throughout the organization by integrating the third party tools and tools currently in use with the system.

FieldCircle—A Field Service Scheduling Software Preferred by Small Businesses and Enterprises

FieldCircle is an advanced service technician scheduling software that covers all the scheduling requirements of your service and maintenance business. It is highly efficient and incredibly simple to use. The software comes with an innovative scheduling and dispatch management feature that allows the users to plan and organize schedules, plan and optimize the route, manage cancels and rescheduling and perform all the dispatch work from single window.

Flexible, Affordable Online Field Service Scheduling Software Personalized For Your Business

Our all-in-one marketing and online field service scheduling software—FieldCircle is an easy tool to organize schedules and manage your field sales team in the field. The software makes employee scheduling and rescheduling accurate and more effective, as the scheduling manager can match the task with tools and skill set of the technicians and accordingly fix the appointment.

Get Our Field Service Scheduling App and Always Remain Up-to-date on Employees

Our field service app is an excellent way to remain up-to-date on employees. With real-time scheduling, intuitive dashboard, and route optimization capabilities, the application enables you to get the best from your resources. You can send reminders to keep the clients informed and easily cancel the appointment if required.
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Third Party Integrations

FieldCircle comes with various third party integrations, allowing a company to continue with their existing ERPs, CRMs, Shipping Method, Accounting Software and leading Email / SMS services. Given below are details of few and we could help you integrate with any third party system availing APIs.


QuickBooks Xero MYOB

Payment gateway

PayPal Stripe


UPS United States Postal Service FedEx


G Suite Outlook

Field Service Scheduling Mobile App Solutions

FieldCircle field service scheduling mobile app is available on both iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) and provides users on-the-go access to relevant modules based on roles and permissions.
Mobile App Solutions
  • Controlled Access Allowing employees to perform their field / non-field work activities on-the-go, on-time and smartly.
  • Geo-tagging Geo-tagged clock-in/clock-out, work-orders / tasks etc.
  • Data SubmissionPaperless submission of timesheets, job reports, payment info etc.
  • Collaboration Instant messaging and alerts / notifications for various activities.
  • Online and offline support App saves all the data when in remote or low reception areas and auto-syncs while having good connectivity; ensuring data security and integrity.

Why Choose FieldCircle’s Service Scheduling System?

Select work orders and run auto schedule/dispatch, and voila! Your work orders are scheduled, and technicians are assigned. A user-friendly software and scheduling app that helps you eliminate manual work and get rid of that overwhelming feeling of scheduling. Everything related to scheduling, dispatch, and route optimization- all in one place.

One click Scheduling and Dispatch


Happy Office Team, Technicians and Customers


Improved Productivity, Efficiency and Revenue


24/7 Support and Maintenance

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