Top 10 Field Service Software in FSM Market

On the lookout for field service management software to streamline your field operations and achieve excellence in customer experiences, here are top field service management software to choose from.

The field service management (FSM) industry is expanding, and more businesses use software to automate field service operations. Field service management software streamlines many processes, making it much simpler and quicker for a business to be productive in the current market. The top 10 field service management software choices are covered in this article

Keep reading for an overview of each software and some key features to look for when making your decision. With so many options available in the market today, choosing the right software can be a perplexing task, but with this article’s help, you can make a thoughtful decision and choose a software that fits your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Field Management Software?

When it comes to field service management software, there are many options to choose from. So how do you figure out which field service management software is best for your business? You may get confused among various available options, but in this article, we have highlighted a few things to keep in mind while choosing FSM.

  • Consider, the specific requirements first. Do you require a tool for scheduling appointments and keeping track of consumers? Or do you need something more robust to help you manage inventory and invoicing? Once you understand what features you need, you can narrow down your options for software for your business.
  • Second, look at the different pricing models each software provider offers. Some charge a monthly fee, while others require a one-time payment. Again, some vendors offer a free trial period. Think about what would fit your budget and business plan the best. Consider what works best for your budget and business model. Going for a trial term will be wiser if you haven’t used FSM.
  • Finally, read reviews on the internet online to get an idea of how happy existing users are with the software. It may sound pretty trivial, but it’s one of the best options because people give unbiased feedback and their thoughts on FSM software.

Adhering to these guidelines can help you select the best field service management software basis on your company’s requirements.


Check out FieldCircle if you want excellent customer service. This cloud-based program provides various services, such as route planning and tracking, reporting and analytics, invoices and payments, etc. It is considered one of the top field service management software due to its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface With FieldCircle, you can be assured of transparency of your operations while increasing your service technicians’ efficiency.

Some of FieldCircle’s FSM software features include:

  • A separate convenient FieldService application
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Billing
  • Customer support

Overall, FieldCircle is an excellent option for field service management software.


Jobber is a field service management software that helps businesses streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Jobber software helps you easily schedule appointments, dispatch technicians, track inventory, and create invoices. This software also offers GPS tracking, so you can always track your technicians’ location and estimate arrival times for customers. Below are some features which make Jobber one of the best service business software.

  • Job scheduling
  • Dispatch technicians
  • Track inventory
  • Create invoices

As per some user reviews, Jobber’s mapping and process of exporting data can be improved further.


ServiceMax is perfect if you’re searching for a complete field service solution. It provides an extensive range of functions to assist you in streamlining your operations. You can manage assignments, inventory, and billing all in one spot with ServiceMax.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics features are also available in this software. Important characteristics include

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Good customer support

We believe ServiceMax is one of the top field service management programs. However, some users report difficulties configuring and integrating the program.


Wrike is a top-rated field service management software that offers a variety of features to help businesses streamline their operations. Its features include task management, project management, time tracking, and collaboration tools. Wrike also offers a free trial period to try the software before joining it. Managers and teams can automate their field workforces with the all-in-one SaaS platform. Some of the key features that make Wrike stand out: include:

  • Order tracking and automation solutions are tailor made for enterprises unique needsThe ability to create and manage tasks and projects
  • Keeps all data in one place, facilitate tracking of multiple systems, and enables backend team to collaborate with field teams with absolute ease.
  • Facilitates tracking of agent attendance and individual contribution to the organization.

But what are the disadvantages of such an ideal software for a service business? Many users note the interface is slightly difficult to use and is not the most intuitive. The UX and UI of the software hold scope for improvement.

Service Fusion

The fifth software for business in the service sector, which we can call one of the best, is Service Fusion. This software also helps various companies optimize their work processes, consequently improving productivity. What are its pros?

  • First, Service Fusion has a trial period, so you can assess the application’s functions firsthand.
  • A huge variety of services that will be useful in your work. For example, task and project management as well as time tracking. It also has the feature of And there is also sharing.
  • Most importantly, Service Fusion is easy to use and has a straightforward interface.

To speak of the drawbacks, some users complain about the inability to work offline and the bugs in the platform.


Another software is called mHelpDesk. How is it different from the others? Well, not much, because all FSMs aim to optimize business operations. Below are some features included in the software package:

  • A trial period, as the creators ensure you try out the features first and then start paying.
  • Considered superior due to its several corporate features. A large number of features. As with most software like this, there are project management, time management, and collaboration tools.

Some users face challenges with automatic updates and a few glitches here and there.


RazorSync is top-rated field service management software that helps businesses manage their appointments, customers, and tasks.

RazorSync charges a monthly fee for its services. However, it does offer a free trial period so that you can try out the software before joining it. Users are happy with this software and find it useful for managing their businesses. Overall, users are happy with the software and find it helpful for their business management.

Key features:

  • Automatic reminders for customers
  • Tracks customer information
  • Monthly fee
  • Free trial period

Of the disadvantages, the software requires to change the password every six months. Many people do not like this, but it is done so that the data is protected.


Even though we’re nearing the end of our list, we have more to surprise you. ServiceBridge is another software for the service business. It is aimed at improving business operations and thereby improving customer satisfaction. Of the significant features that the software has, these are

  • Service scheduling and dispatching.
  • Mobile application for technicians will allow each technician to navigate quickly
  • Customer management, containing all the information about them
  • Automatic billing and payments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • A trial period will allow you to try if this option suits you

Users feel there is a scope for improvement in the service support integration capabilities of the platform.

Housecall Pro

One of the tops of our list is Housecall Pro, which has been designed specifically for service businesses. It helps you manage your business from anywhere with its mobile app and online portal. MoreoverPlus, it is affordable, starting at just $49 per month for the basic plan. Housecall Pro comes with all the features you need to manage your business, including

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer management
  • GPS tracking
  • Job costing
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Reporting and analytics

Housecall Pro is a great option if you are looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use software package. In general, the product and its features are liked by the users, but there have been reports of issues with service support and backups.


GeoOp is top-rated field service software that helps businesses manage their workforce in the field. It offers a free 14-day trial and has two pricing plans:

  • Standard, which charges a monthly fee
  • Professional, which requires a one-time payment

Some key features include

  • GPS tracking of field workers
  • Job scheduling
  • Dispatch board, invoicing, and quoting

You can create unique forms using GeoOp for your field technicians to complete on the job. Data on customer satisfaction or finished work is gathered with its assistance. If you require comprehensive, feature-rich FSM software, GeoOp is an excellent option.

There are not many disadvantages to this software. It is noted that the price is quite high.

The field service software market is rapidly increasing, and the above-discussed top ten field service management (FSM) packages are both industry innovators and customer favorites.

If you need a solid and cutting-edge FSM solution, one of these companies will have the right product for you. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the best software for your organization and hope this list has helped you narrow down your options.


What is the best field management software?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best software for your business depends on your specific needs and budget.

What are some options for field service management?

There are many software options available on the market. Some top choices include Fieldcircle, ServiceMax, Jobber, and ServiceBridge.

What kind of FSM software problems should you avoid?

There are many software packages available on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. Make sure to do your research and avoid any package that lacks key features or has significant disadvantages, like bugs.

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