6 Best CMMS Software With Their Features and Advantages

best CMMS software

Maintaining equipment and assets on a regular basis is crucial to the success of a business, and making use of the best CMMS software is essential. CMMS software helps organizations automate and manage maintenance operations with increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

There are many options available in the market, making it difficult to choose the best CMMS software your business needs. That is why we provide a list of the best CMMS software programs.

What is CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are software programs that help to manage maintenance operations. CMMS is used for work order management, equipment management, preventive maintenance, and asset management. This helps to improve the business efficiency by determining everything from which assets need maintenance to which spare parts they need.

Some CMMS software also leverage AI technology to facilitate business maintenance processes. By summing, it is a unified package that contains a database of the organization’s maintenance operations. It helps you with,

  • Equipment data management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Organizing and scheduling work orders
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Regulatory compliance

List of Best CMMS Software

Here are our top picks of the best CMMS maintenance software.


Fiix is a cloud-based maintenance management software that helps in track and maintain vehicles, buildings, inventories, and so on. The software connects all the maintenance teams, data, and tools in a single dashboard to view the asset performance and maintenance operations.

Fiix CMMS helps majorly on,

  • Work order management
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Analytics and reporting and
  • Mobile maintenance

The business owner and maintenance manager can import maintenance data through excel or CSV files into the system or via mobile devices. This software also provides parts forecasts that help by automatically analyzing all the parts and maintenance data to determine the upcoming maintenance accurately. Other features include the technician’s self-service, the ability to manage assets, and so on.

Important Features:

  • Fiix Foresight – The AI software in Fiix helps to analyze and identify the areas for improvement.
  • Integrations – Helps to streamline workflows via third-party apps. You can also collect real-time information that makes it easier to make smarter, data-driven decisions that improve asset performance, and productivity.
  • Fiix App Exchange – It is a network of IoT integration that helps to connect with any system that your business uses.


  • Create customized QR codes and barcodes, to attach them to assets, work orders, or parts.
  • Simply drag and drop the equipment to design an asset hierarchy and an asset tree or list.
  • Create categories for assets that are comparable.
  • Assets, users, purchases, inventories, and tasks are arranged geographically.
  • Work is organized, scheduled, and started according to time zones.

FieldCircle CMMS

FieldCircle is feature-rich and best rated CMMS software that helps you to manage maintenance operations more efficiently with reduced downtime and maintenance costs. This software drives more effective proactive and predictive characteristics with maintenance operations.

FieldCircle CMMS will help you with,

  • Work order management
  • Asset tracking and audit
  • Preventive maintenance and inspections
  • Track spares and inventory
  • Centralized inspection/repair data
  • Service requests on assets

Create purchase orders, schedule asset health checks, and take preventative action based on automated triggers, this improves the overall maintenance operations. The customized FieldCircle CMMS software manages asset maintenance operations in a more proactive and predictive manner based on your business needs.

Important Features:

  • No reactive maintenance – Adopt a proactive maintenance strategy with ease.
  • FieldCircle CMMS app – Easy to use and has a strong understanding of workforce capabilities.
  • Automates the entire work order – Enables the maintenance manager to choose the equipment, review the asset history records, and assign technicians with the appropriate skill set.
  • On-demand work orders – Instantly perform an inspection of assets, to add potential to your business.


  • The high degree of adaptability to business operation
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Complete assistance with onboarding and data import.
  • Achieve greater efficiency with iOS and Android CMMS mobile apps.
  • Use insights to optimize operations and manage resources efficiently.


An easy-to-use maintenance program offers all-in-one solutions for managing modules, third-party vendors, inventories, and preventative maintenance.

It makes your data available from anywhere at any time, and it keeps your data updated in real time. You can rapidly address all the difficulties with this functionality.

Hippo CMMS software helps in,

  • Preventive maintenance for buildings and equipment- Planning and monitoring the complete maintenance schedule to identify minor problems early and prevent them.
  • Work order management- Assign tasks, keep track of them, and make sure everything is finished quickly.
  • Vendor management – It facilitates automatic purchase orders and streamlines communication with vendors.
  • Equipment maintenance management- Track your assets and equipment, then use data to decide whether to fix or replace it.
  • Facility management- It provides all the equipment required to keep operations up and running smoothly.
  • Inventory and parts – It enables you to establish and maintain minimum and maximum levels, and supports in providing the right parts at the appropriate time and cost.

Important Features:

  • Additionally, you receive maintenance reports so that you can check your work and see where your money is going.
  • It also provides a mobile app that lets you use an integrated camera to conduct remote inspections. To commission work, you can also add tasks and attach images.
  • There is an offline mode that enables you to work offline while traveling.


  • Provide a history of maintenance and repair.
  • Interactive floor plans and site.
  • Availability of training materials.
  • Real-time tracking of supplies, components, and other consumables on a single network.
  • Create barcodes or QR codes automatically for equipment and assets.
  • Keep documents like O&M manuals, ID tags, and warranty details.
  • Preventive maintenance procedures that are calendar-based and meter-based should be scheduled.


The best CMMS software makes sure the asset management is up-to-date. You should give it a shot to discover how simple and effective it is to utilize. You can utilize several integrations in addition to this program to get the most out of it.

With UpKeep, you can manage your assets and do line maintenance on the go. Additionally, it offers services for inventory management as well as facility and property management. UpKeep enables you to quickly take images of completed activities and share them with your colleagues using a smartphone. Even the entire work order can be shared in this manner. Additionally, it enables you to close the work order and scan assets for records.

Another distinctive feature is real-time push notifications. This function enables you to complete an urgent task right away or retain your work in the designated sequence. UpKeep can be used to track expenses, downtime, and equipment maintenance time. It can run reports with a single click to help you in conducting financial and safety audits. Additionally, you can use data-driven judgments by reviewing the thorough maintenance histories of your company’s assets.

Important Features:

  • QR code – To manage assets and inventories in a specific field, scan the QR code on any object. Through QR, you can also keep track of the price and number of parts.
  • Inventory management – To assist you in managing inventory with barcodes, the software provides an integrated inventory tracking program. The supply of necessary items in your warehouse is also within your control.
  • Preventive maintenance – Runtime and calendar-based preventive maintenance are two examples of the different forms of preventive maintenance you can handle.


  • Track historical maintenance, such as ongoing and completed work orders, downtime, and asset depreciation.
  • When you submit work requests, the appropriate asset is automatically assigned to the requested person.
  • Update the stock count by including the part from the work order.
  • The software automatically records downtime data to help you make accurate decisions.

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is a user-centered platform created to support work requests and other mobile phone chores. It is the first mobile CMMS created to prevent frequent interruptions from phone work requests, which can slow maintenance teams down. The app can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

The software features not only cover asset management but also handles preventive and predictive maintenance, and work orders and assist in vendor management for parts and supplies.

Detailed maintenance logs, real-time asset data through sensor connections, tracking KPIs, and finding information easily by utilizing QR codes are all possible with Limble CMMS. You may track everything you want for your with custom search fields. A parent-to-child hierarchy will enable you to organize complex assets as well.

Limble CMMS will help you,

    • Work requests
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Requests for work and tracking
    • Vendor control
    • Custom dashboards and reports
    • Inventory control

Important Features:

  • IoT modular predictive maintenance- With this capability, you can easily set up and use sensors in your predictive maintenance approach. The sensors send you immediate alerts and start corrective actions when predetermined thresholds are crossed.
  • Vendor administration- Easily keep vendor data within your system using Limble CMMS. Vendors can receive work orders from you, along with instructions on what to do with them. Through your CMMS, you can anticipate better relationships with vendors as a result.
  • Multi-language CMMS- You can quickly change the language of your product to assist users who do not speak English. In addition to other languages, Limble offers native translations in Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.


  • Run diagnostics and analyze your equipment
  • Ensures lower downtime with healthy equipment
  • Improve your budgeting by avoiding potential loss of income
  • Better workflow and communication with the dedicated app
  • Reduced time spent handling work requests with mobile CMMS
  • Improves how inventories are managed
  • Provide service history tracking with technician management

Fracttal Mobile CMMS

Fracttal is a Cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software that supports companies safely and sustainably to keep track of maintenance operations and manage work orders and suppliers from a single platform. With Fracttal companies can monitor all the aspects of maintenance operations like technicians, schedules, spare parts, costs, work orders, equipment, and warranties.

Fracttal CMMS provides total accessibility with the best experience. In addition, it integrates with ERP and connects to IoT devices for future navigation to maintenance.

Important Features:

  • Fracttal’s Predictto solution – The Predictto solution from Fracttal uses Weibull analysis to provide the information that you need to make maintenance planning decisions. For your assets, Predictto uses degradation and reliability models to generate forecasts.
  • IoT connection – You may link your assets to the Internet of Things with the Fracttal solution to enable a variety of features. You can use this to turn on sensor status monitoring, incident reporting, and temperature monitoring.
  • NFC tags and QR codes – Fracttal allows you to scan assets using NFC tags or QR codes to learn more about their state and past activity. You can use this to get information when you need it.


  • Cloud-based asset CMMS helps to store all data in the cloud and access them anywhere and anytime.
  • Provide real-time information to make operations better and accomplish significant gains.
  • All-inclusive fleet management features help companies maximize the productivity of their fleet, and accomplish targets and business goals.
Best CMMS Software


This article covers some of the best CMMS software. It is crucial for you to first understand the needs and requirements of your business maintenance process before you search for what is the best CMMS software. Computerized maintenance management system software helps you to bring agility and efficiency to your business maintenance operations. However if you consider a selection criteria for a CMMS such as features, service, security, and support, it will be easier for you to choose the best preventive maintenance software for your organization.

Your choice of CMMS software is based on the business size, type, needs, and budget. A comprehensive CMMS system will improve the whole maintenance process by automating, tracking, and executing important tasks. With CMMS software, organizations can reduce spending money on unplanned maintenance services. By tracking equipment with the best CMMS maintenance software, it’s much easier to prevent expensive services and repairs. Just go through all the CMMS features and advantages to make the right decision.

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