FieldCircle Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy provides information on how FieldCircle uses cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect data when you visit (hereinafter referred as Website).

When you visit the Website online, we automatically collect specific usage information through tracking technologies such as Cookies, embedded scripts, file information, location-identifying technologies, and similar technologies (collectively, similar technologies). We typically collect analytics data using third-party tools to measure the traffic on the Website, demography of the users, and understand the user behavior. In order to collect and store information, we may use browser storage and application data caches.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small text files containing anonymous unique identifiers, which are a string of alphanumeric characters to your browsers and transferred to your device. Cookies help to collect information to let you log quickly and improve our services through the Website. When the next time you visit the Website, the cookies helps the Website to recognize your browser and the device and inform the web server that you have returned to a particular page.

Our Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies and similar technologies enable us to help you navigate the web pages efficiently, recall your preferences so that you can use the customized features and we can deliver the improved user experience. Cookies and similar technologies help us in providing you more relevant advertisements.

There are certain types of Cookies and other similar technologies, which we may use to collect information in order to identify user behaviour and provide content based on profile, to an extent permissible by law. For the purpose, we use following types of Cookies:

– Essential Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary to help you navigate through the Website and use its features. Without these Cookies, you cannot get access to certain Website features.

– Performance Cookie

These cookies collect navigation information about your Website visit, including how you have used the Website, which web pages you have visited frequently, and if you have received any error message from any of the web pages. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous with the only reason to enhance the Website services for the users.

– Functionality Cookies

These cookies enable our web services to remember your choices and provide you personalized solutions. The information collected by these cookies could be used for advertising purposes or how you use the Internet other than our Website. The type of information collected by these cookies is your username, demography, or language.

– Targeting Cookies

These type of cookies are used to (a) identify and contact you across multiple devices (b) deliver relevant advertising to you, (c) control the number of times you see a particular advertisement, (d) provide and monitor the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, (d) understand your interest in the advertisement, (e) monitor statistics related to number of visitors, usage of the Website, traffic, session duration of the visitors, and demographic patterns. These cookies may be used on third party websites and third party websites may use them on our websites.

FieldCircle does not allow any third-party advertisement on our Website and so we do not use these cookies for advertisement purposes, however, we use this type of cookies for gathering intelligence and analytics purposes.

Our Use of Cookies from Third Party Companies

We use third-party services to get web analytics and intelligence about our Website. These companies, such as Google Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics, use programming code to collect information about how you have used our Website, including the web pages you have visited, the amount of time you have spent on the Website, and the number of links you have visited. These codes work only when you visit the Website.

We use these cookies to determine what part of the Website is more interesting to you and to check the effectiveness of the information we provide. The information collected by these cookies are used to improve the content available on Website, understand user behavior and deliver better user experience.

You can get more information about Google’s privacy practices at or read about its opt-out mechanism at

How Do We Perform Third-Party Tracking And Online Advertising?

Interest-Based Advertisin

We use the services of third-party advertising companies such as Google, Inc., Facebook, Inc., and LinkedIn, Inc. etc. to provide you targeted advertisements based on your information available with us or your browsing history. We may allow third-party companies, including social media companies or third-party services providers to collect the information about your use of our Website on different devices. We and our third-party partners use this information such as browser type, time and date of your Website visit, clickstream information, and other information to provide relevant advertisements and measure the effectiveness of the advertisements through related services such as analytics, reporting and market research.

You may manage certain advertising cookies by visiting or learn about the Network Advertising Initiative’s at

Cross-Device Linkin

We may work with our third-party partners to link the various devices you have used to visit the Website so that we can provide relevant advertisements across multiple devices you use. We typically collect information about the type of the device you have used to visit the Website through cookies and similar tracking technologies. We may share the information collected through these technologies with our advertising partners, who use this cross device linkage mechanism to recognize your devices in order to provide relevant advertisement and personalized content to you, measure the effectiveness of the advertisement and other marketing campaigns, and perform the analytics.

You may select limit ad tracking” (iOS) or “opt-out of interest based ads” (Android) to manage certain cookies we place on your mobile devices. You may wish to visit to learn about the interest-based ads served by mobile ad networks.

How to Manage Your Cookies

There are certain cookies, such as Essential Cookies, which are necessary to operate the Website and there are cookies which are used for analytics and intelligence purposes. By using our Website, you acknowledge and agree to allow us to place cookies on your device. If you don’t want us to place cookies on your devices, you can change your browser settings to do so, however, as for now, we do not consider “Do Not Track” signals from your browser.

Please bear in mind that if you block certain cookies, it would affect your use of the Website. Unless you readjust the settings that allow us to place cookies, we won’t be able to provide personalized services to you.

How Often Do We Update This Cookie Policy

As cookies and similar technologies are subject to change according to the change in technology, we may update this Cookie Policy as we make a change in the technologies we use to place cookies on your devices. We may change this Cookie Policy for operational and legal reasons as well. We request you to review the Cookie Policy periodically to be informed about our use of cookies and similar technologies.

Contact Us

Please write to us if you have any query about our use of Cookies and Similar Technologies.

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