7 Ways Plumbing Businesses can Increase Profitability and Drive Growth

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The first step to save is to know where you spend.

Do you know where are you spending most of your money? On the overheads? On the employee benefits? On the plumbing tools? How do you recognize which part of your business is draining revenue?

By scrutinizing the operations from cost perspective is significant to reduce spending and be more financial-savvy. But to do that you need an at-a-glance view of every activity that happens in your plumbing organization.

Usually, a plumbing software comes with a multitude of features and real-time dashboard and reporting that provides all the information you need to manage your business on your fingertips. Nevertheless, plumbing business software organizes your operations and help you save the hard-earned money. Here’s how it does:

1. Scheduling—You Think It’s Optimized in Your Business?

Task, tool, skill, and location—every time you create a wrong combination, it costs you money and expecting the scheduling manager to be right always without any support of technology is not fair.

Scheduling software for plumbing business automates the scheduling process, enabling the manager to assign work orders to the nearest and right person with the right tool. It helps them in three ways:

  • Spot stuffed schedules and dispatch the best plumber for the task with the right tools
  • Automate scheduling so that they don’t have to keep telling technicians what to do
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the technician’s assignment shows and thus reduces unnecessary overtime

A plumbing scheduling software displays active jobs to plumbers so that they can plan tasks efficiently in order to be available for new plumbing jobs. More jobs means more money for the business.

2. Route Optimization—Ever Calculated How Much You Could Save?

How much time does your plumbers take to reach onsite? Yeah, of course, that depends on the location. But have you tried ways to make them spend less time on roads and more time at the client’s location?

Scheduling and dispatch management software can help you do so. Here’s how:

Plumber A is performing a job at Destination 1.

Plumber B is at Destination 3, with no job assigned.

Now if you get a new service call, which is closer to Destination 1, it would be smart to let the Plumber A complete the ongoing task and then reach Destination 1 rather than sending Plumber B to the destination (if the customer has time flexibility) as the cost of travel will be high. This is one incidence. What happens if there are such 15 incidences per day?

How efficiently you can do this, each time, every time?

With an integrated location tracking system in the plumbing company software, you can pick the best technicians nearest to the client location. The software enables you to complete more calls in less time to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

3. Inventory—Do You Lose Business for the Lack of It?

The plumbers are ready, the customer is waiting but some important inventory items were finished yesterday! You received the report in the morning. What if you would have received live information and alerts yesterday when it was getting out of stock?

A distressed client will not wait for you to you replenish your inventory.

With scheduling software for plumbing contractors, you can better manage and control your inventory. The software allows you to generate demand signals and track inventory transactions by providing real-time information of the inventory status.

4. Track Technician Efficiency in Real-time

Every plumber has a different efficiency level. Some finish quickly but their work needs re-work because it was not properly done the first time. And then there are those who take time but complete the task properly.

As a plumbing business head, your task is to create a balance—provide better training to each one of them to complete the task correctly the first time, on-time.

Until you can track the performance of each plumber on the parameters of time spent on each task, do some standardization and perform comparative analysis, you won’t be able to find which of your technician needs training or a little bit of handholding.

Plumbing service software enables you to track the job done by each plumber in real-time and maintains a record so that it becomes easier for you to do a fair comparison of all employees in similar circumstances (jobs) and drive action based on the results.

5. Are Your Invoices Traditional or Modern?

Remove paper from your invoicing process and get paid faster.

Using plumbing management software saves time from filing paper-based forms, scanning, printing, and many other irrelevant processes that not only delay invoice generation processes but also create ambiguities.

The software allows technicians to create invoices, take signatures, receive payment, and update records almost instantly, right at the job site.

When money being tight, a service software for plumbers can help you plug all the leaks from your invoicing process and give you back the control of your business.

6. Remove Biases—Retain and Reward Your High-Performing Plumbers

With plumbing management software, you could be able to see who are your best plumbers. There will be no scope left for biases.

The software brings transparency in operations and so even your employees cannot complain about the rewards and retention.

You can introduce performance-based work culture in your organization and encourage the employees to deliver good onsite performance for better rewards.

7. Review Operating Expenses from Time to Time

How many jobs, who did what, the average time spent per job to total revenue and gross profit to individual technician stats, you have everything on single view screen highlighting where the bottlenecks are.

With a powerful dashboard that provides real-time information of every activity performed within and outside the organization related to your plumbing business, you will be in a position to streamline your operations according to the new needs of the business.

A plumbing software provides you with visibility into the processes, you can review the day-to-day expenditures on the simplest of things—office supplies, maintenance, travel, tools, and so on. With insight, you can take better decisions to manage operations in budget-friendly ways.

Key Takeaways

Cost-cutting is tricky when you don’t know where to cut the cost. A plumbing software or a more comprehensive field service software like FieldCircle that has been uniquely designed to empower plumbing businesses to help you cut the cost exactly where it is needed. The software keeps your business in better financial health by:

  • No more paper schedules, and double-booking mistakes. Schedule appointments and dispatch the right plumber with the right tool. Complete more jobs.
  • Get real-time information on plumbers on the field. Send the plumber nearest to the client’s location. Remove chaos and cut travel costs.
  • Get instant out-of-stock alerts for tools in advance. Replenish your inventory on time.
  • Track who is doing what, at what time, and at which location. Create a report on the efficiency level. Provide training to increase productivity.
  • Avoid messy paper and mistakes while invoicing. Create an invoice, get the client’s signature, and update records—instantly.
  • Track the performance of every plumber. Retain and reward the best.
  • Keep information at your fingertips—no. of jobs, who did what, total time spent on the job, total revenue generated. Take better decisions.

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