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FieldCircle is a powerful computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) that enables organizations to manage everything related to maintenance tasks in one place, on a digital platform.

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CMMS Software

How we approach

FieldCircle facilitates a holistic approach by customizing its CMMS solution to a customer’s needs and by handholding them throughout predictive maintenance software development and integration within the company lifecycle. Followed is the methodology we follow:
  • Identify & Define
    the problem
  • Devise
  • Hardware
  • Customize
  • Test and
  • Support
    and Improve

A CMMS Software that Delivers

FieldCircle is a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution that could assist businesses worldwide to manage enterprise assets, streamline workflows, track inventory and schedule preventive asset-health checkup and take proactive actions based on automated triggers.

Problem Identification and Definition

FieldCircle collaborates to understand and evaluate the problem/pain areas and their impact on business, tech, and customer perspective. Accordingly the solution is devised and mapped with FieldCircle’s predictive maintenance software.

  • Future Ready Devising solution to derive long-term solution
  • Business Centric Evaluate business impact, and define and align IoT strategy
  • Customer Centric Identifying customer problems and solution mapping while focusing on customer experience and cost factors

Process Deliverables

  • Problem (process issues/pain areas) identification and definition
  • Industry best practices and solution mapping
  • Project roadmap with respect to IoT role, hardware evaluation and expected outcomes
  • MVP roadmap to get started with FieldCircle

Customize and Implement Solution

IoTize the machine/assets, customize FieldCircle to generate and evaluate data and integrate business processes to deliver meaningful, actionable insights.

  • IoTize Empower assets to sense, network and communicate the data between devices and the Cloud.
  • Customize FieldCircle Customize Cloud powered FieldCircle to receive, uniformalize and analysis of data.
  • Evaluate Build and integrate apps and analytics to evaluate the data to capture business insight and refine assets.

Process Deliverables

  • IoTization i.e. review and seletion of hardware, connectivity, security and communication
  • Existing platform customization to store data and manage devices
  • Application development for data visualization and analytics

Customize the Solution and Implement Requirements

Implement the solution, evaluate performance and train all the stakeholders to supports IoT initiatives across organization processes.

  • Device and Platform Our support team ensures smooth operations with maintenance services for device and platform management. They are availabel for bug fixes, upgrades, demo and smoother transformation. Data
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation We assist in data accuracy and performance evaluation, and support in data clean-up, monitoring and reporting.

Process Deliverables

  • Review, evaluate and report.
  • Identify risk patterns and mitigate.
  • Refine and clean data.
  • Train all the stakeholders on how to manage the data.
  • Support and maintenance services.

Champion Maintenance Management with FieldCircle

No more reactive maintenance. With our advanced CMMS software, you can easily adopt a proactive approach to maintenance. You can track work orders, generate precise and well-organized reports, and track and provide preventive maintenance solution to your customers. Our uniquely designed CMMS software for small business not only enhance asset lifespan but also help organizations reduce cost and plug profit leakage.

Simplify Maintenance Process with Our CMMS Maintenance Software

Our CMMS app—FieldCircle is easy-to-use. As we have experience of working across industries, we understand the workforce capabilities very well. Our designers and developers have built the software to be used by field technicians of diverse domains, after carefully analyzing their field requirements with an objective to simplify the maintenance process.

Plan and Manage Maintenance with Our Advanced Computerized Maintenance Management Software

From enabling you to respond to on-demand work order instantly to performing a routine inspection of assets, our CMMS Maintenance Software adds to your potential in the most prolific way. The software automates the entire work order thus allowing the maintenance manager to select the equipment, check recorded asset history, assign technician with the right skill set to perform the task, schedule appointments, and get a notification when the task is done.

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CMMS Mobile App Solution

FieldCircle CMMS mobile app is available on both iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) and provides on the go access of relevant modules to respective roles and stakeholders.

CMMS Mobile App Solution
  • Controlled Access Allowing employees to perform their field /non-field tasks on-the-go, on-time and smartly.
  • Geo-tagging Geo-tagged clock-in/clock-out, work-orders / tasks etc.
  • Data Submission Paperless submission of timesheets, job reports, payment info etc.
  • Collaboration Instant messaging and alerts / notifications for various activities.
  • Online and offline support App saves all the data when in remote or low reception areas and auto-syncs while having good connectivity; ensuring data security and integrity.

Why Choose FieldCircle

With its user-friendly web and mobile portal, you could eliminate all the manual work and move to paperless reporting via managing customers, estimation, employee scheduling, invoicing, analytics. It’s all in there and much more.

All-in-one solution at your fingertips

Improved efficiency and revenue

Data security and protection

24/7 support and maintenance

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