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Banking & Financial Services

Overview of FieldCircle’s Applicability and Benefits to Stakeholders

The banking and financial services include business loan, personal loans, saving accounts, salary accounts, demat accounts and credit & debit card services etc. The sales executive reach the enterprise or individual customers and sell banking and financial services at the customer location by completing all the documentation and details verification formalities there only.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Efficient follow-up on process by setting reminder and notes to be discussed.
  • Removing duplicate records by managing customer account in a centralized database.
  • Monitoring the sales executive by tracking their real-time location.
  • Schedule meeting and track meeting records between sales executive and customer.
  • Effective and easy reporting and analysis for sales, profit and making strategies.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Selling without any hassles by understanding and studying prospective customer beforehand through their past record.
  • Increasing sales by reaching customers in less time.
  • Accessing the credit history of the customer by integrating it with the other systems to analyze the credit health report of the customer.
  • Help setting reminder for tasks and activities to be performed.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Tracking the customer’s documentation and details for verification throughout the sales process and very quickly.

Applicability and Benefits

  • Saving customer’s time and money by reaching customer on time and completing all formalities in a go through customer account research.
With our extensive field sales and service management software for banking and financial companies, they can manage their field sales and service teams more effectively.

Banking CRM Software: Create a Seamless Experience for Your Sales Team

FieldCircle acts as a unified Banking CRM platform which delivers a seamless experience to your sales team across multiple channels and devices. Our financial CRM software supports automated decisions and the ability to access everything required to deliver service in a common, integrated view across a range of customer touchpoints. Our financial management software empowers your service-capabilities with people-assisted channels.

Resolve Your Business Challenges with Our Financial Banking Software

FieldCircle addresses multiple challenges that a company faces in managing its customers. The software adds to the selling efforts of your team through a standardized sales process. This includes defining the most valuable customers, creating a database of customers preferences, and helping banking consultants adopt a targeted approach to selling.

Improve Quality of Customer Communication with Finance Management App

Usually, businesses use multiple disconnected systems into each customer relationship that does not provide an overview of customer communication. This creates a gap and ultimately lowers the quality of customer communication. By using our Finance Management App—FieldCircle, you can store all the customer related data in a unified database to get accurate insight out of the data.
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