How Automation Has Changed The Landscaping Management Scenario

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Landscaping Management

The hidden cost of owning a business is much like a burden that you cannot share or speak frequently about. You just have to bear the pain and make every possible scenario workable for your clients.

In case of landscaping, this pain goes a bit higher as the exterior of a client’s home can never go wrong. That states, your resource needs to be efficiently skilled to perform the job.

So, what are your criteria for measuring the efficiency of your resources? Ask the industry experts and they will bet on landscape scheduling software which is an ultimate tool to measure efficiency of field resources.

In case, you are well equipped with the efficiency of the tool; congratulations! you are doing a great favor to your business! And for all those who are not aware of the same, here is all that they would be interested to know.

What’s this scheduling software is all about? How it works, and what could it offer to your business are some of the headlines that we will be addressing here in this blog one after another.

Let’s get started!

As your landscaping business grows your investment in the right tools and techniques for maximum profit return becomes significant.

When we talk about the tools we are of course referring to those that could help manage the resources on the field, such as a software program that could track employees’ location and could also provide other crucial information.

For an exceptional service delivery it is a significant move for the managers to know the status of their on-field employees every time they visit the assigned location.

Additionally, only having the information on employees’ whereabouts is not important as managers must track the time of their resources spent on different tasks. Moreover, the efficiency and the success rate of the employees must also be recorded for a proper tracking.

In order to make scheduling and tracking related jobs easier for managers, landscaping business management software could play a prominent role. Here is a brief on the purposes the software program could be used.

How Landscaping Software Brings Automation?

Task Scheduling

Let’s imagine a scenario where a staff manager is juggling through a lot of back-office work, tracking service and multiple asset requests, and handling the request of field technician as well.

Amidst all this struggle the manager could easily commit mistakes, which may further result in unfavorable outcomes. Instead of juggling this much in managing all these tasks it is a better option to invest in landscaping software. The manager needs to ensure that the entire team works efficiently for which a field-specific software is the best choice.

With such an offering at manager’s hand, he could easily schedule the tasks for field staff along with explaining all the important pointers for concluding the task by offering all the information easily through a call only.

How the task is scheduled?

  • An intuitive dashboard having wide functionality is displayed in front of the managers to schedule tasks. A click serves for everything from assigning jobs to viewing tickets, and to getting details on the real-time employee status. The dashboard looks something like this:

Location Tracking

Route and Location Tracking

With this facility location tracking of employees becomes easy. On-time delivery in field service jobs matters a lot. And for reaching to the location on-time, the field agent need all the details that include an optimized route plan to reach to the location.

This saves time, efficiency, and the extra efforts of the employees to reach easily. The tool not only serves the field staff but also helps managers to know the exact location of the employees making it easier for the managers to know if they are performing the intended task or not.

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Keeping the track of on-field resource is now easier than ever with landscape management app. With attendance and leave management feature, the availability of a field staff can easily be found. And with this feature, it is also easier to find out field staff movement with no-barrier.

The feature ensures that the managers are empowered with very slightest movement of their resources with the real-time location tracking facility. Such a facility gives enough time and information to managers to keep ready the next task for the employees prior to they finished the current one.

The Bottom Line

Because of the increased demand for landscaping services, the number of professionals have increased in the sector in the past few years. And for tracking the on-field location of their employees, the demand of landscaping scheduling software has also increased.

Such a service based software can be added with additional facilities to offer required information as per the needs of the business. The software program can also be integrated with third-party apps.

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